Mission and Vision

Our Mission

At (Muscat Eye Laser Center) our mission is to provide our patients with life enhancing eye care, delivered in a professional and comforting environment. We will ensure that our patients get the most satisfaction from their treatment by ensuring all services are of the highest standard, and are delivered with true traditional hospitality.

Those who entrust us with their care will be treated by our clinical team consisting of specialists who are dedicated to the uncompromising pursuit of clinical excellence and success. They will be supported by technical and administrative staff who are passionate about ensuring patient comfort, and that they are kept fully informed as to the progress of their treatment plan.

Our Vision

Muscat Eye Laser Center will play a pivotal role in improving the standards and accessibility of advanced eye healthcare. We will do this by focusing our energies and investments in training to ensure both clinical and service excellence, and through the deployment of new technology.

Our patients will not only leave Muscat Eye Laser Centre with improved vision, but with increased confidence and capabilities to get the most out of their lives. At Muscat Eye Laser Centre, we treat out patients as guests with warm hospitality.