Z-ICR (Intracorneal rings)

Muscat Eye Laser Centre

Z-ICR are corneal rings implants, mostly used in patients with keratoconus to stabilize the thin cornea.

In MELC, the tunnels for the intrastromal rings are created using the Femtosecond laser. Therefore, the corneal tunnels are formed from inside the cornea reducing the risk of infection significantly. Moreover, stress to the cornea is minimal because only moderate pressure is exerted on the eye and the corneal tunnels are done with very high accuracy. Hence, excellent results are achieved.

There are 2 types of intrastromal rings available – INTACS and Keraring. Depending on the shape of the cornea, your doctor will decide which type of ring is the best for your condition.


Z-ICR is a corneal ring prescription insert that is entirely reversible. Z-ICR produce a reshaping of the curvature of the cornea, improving vision in some cases of keratoconus. Z-ICR cannot be felt by the patient, require no maintenance, and are probably less visible than a contact lens to the naked eye. Z-ICR can be removed or replaced if one’s vision needs change or there is any dissatisfaction with the corneal ring inserts.

The advantages of the intrastromal corneal rings are that their insertion does not affect the central cornea, and thus, their effect is not related to the healing process in the cornea. No corneal tissue is removed, and the implants are reversible