Muscat Eye Laser Centre

The KAMRA Inlay may help restore near vision and give patients the freedom to enjoy everyday activities without having to reach for their reading glasses.


Presbyopia is the clinical term for the loss of near vision and affects most people in their 40’s. Over time, the eye’s natural lens becomes too stiff to focus and near objects tend to become blurry even if a patient has never needed to wear glasses before.

How does KAMRA Work?

The KAMRA Inlay is an opaque circular micro-disc with a tiny opening in the center. It is much smaller than a contact lens. This tiny opening in the center of the inlay blocks unfocused light and only allows focused light to reach the retina. Focused light rays allow you to see at near, distance and everything in between. The KAMRA inlay is implanted under a Lasik flap or it is placed into an intra-corneal pocket created by a laser. The KAMRA is placed in one eye only.

What are the benefits?

You can expect less dependency on reading glasses and improved clarity when performing everyday activities, such as reading the newspaper, a text message, the laptop screen, food labels, price tags, receipts or other such items you may encounter on a daily basis.
Suitability for this procedure can be determined during a thorough assessment with an Ophthalmic Surgeon.